Is SD Bullion a Reputable Company?

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When it comes to investing in precious metals like gold and silver, finding a reputable bullion dealer is paramount. One company that often comes up in discussions within the precious metals community is SD Bullion.

But is SD Bullion a reputable company?

In this blog post, we will delve into the various aspects of SD Bullion’s operations, customer reviews, and industry reputation to help you make an informed decision about whether or not to trust them with your precious metal investments.

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SD Bullion Company Background

SD Bullion, also known as Silver Doctors Bullion, is an online precious metals dealer that has been in operation since 2012. They are based in Michigan, USA, and have gained a significant presence in the precious metals market over the years. The company was founded with the mission of providing customers with competitive pricing and excellent customer service in the precious metals industry.

Industry Accreditation

One of the first indicators of a reputable precious metals dealer is their accreditation within the industry. SD Bullion holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a respected organization that evaluates and rates businesses based on their customer interactions. This rating is a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

To gauge the reputation of a company, it’s crucial to examine customer reviews and ratings. SD Bullion has received both positive and negative reviews, which is not unusual for any company. Some customers have praised their competitive prices, efficient order processing, and prompt delivery. Others, however, have reported issues with delayed shipments or customer service.

It’s essential to remember that no company can please every customer, and individual experiences can vary. Nonetheless, SD Bullion’s willingness to address and resolve customer issues is a positive sign of their commitment to customer satisfaction.


SD Bullion, a well-established name in the precious metals industry, is known for its commitment to providing customers with a wide variety of high-quality products. Whether you’re an experienced investor or just starting your journey in precious metals, SD Bullion offers an extensive range of products to meet your needs. Now, we’ll delve into the diverse selection of precious metal products available through SD Bullion.

  1. Bullion Coins

One of the primary offerings of SD Bullion is a wide selection of bullion coins. These coins, typically minted by government mints, are recognized worldwide for their quality and purity. Some popular options include:

  • American Silver Eagles: Produced by the United States Mint, these silver coins are highly sought after by investors and collectors alike.
  • Canadian Maple Leafs: Minted by the Royal Canadian Mint, these coins are known for their exceptional purity and beautiful design.
  • Gold American Eagles: Similar to their silver counterparts, these gold coins are a staple in many precious metal portfolios.
  1. Bars and Rounds

SD Bullion also provides an array of silver and gold bars and rounds. These products offer investors flexibility in terms of size and affordability. Some of their offerings include:

  • Silver Bars: Ranging from 1 ounce to 100 ounces, these bars are a convenient way to invest in silver bullion.
  • Gold Bars: Available in various sizes, gold bars are an excellent option for those looking to invest in larger quantities of gold.
  • Silver Rounds: Rounds are typically produced by private mints and offer competitive pricing while maintaining high purity.
  1. Junk Silver

For those interested in stacking pre-1965 US coins with silver content, SD Bullion also provides junk silver bags. These bags often contain quarters, dimes, and half-dollars with 90% silver content, making them an accessible and historical option for silver investors.

  1. Numismatic Coins

In addition to bullion coins, SD Bullion occasionally offers numismatic coins. These coins are prized for their rarity, historical significance, and collectible value. Numismatic coins can add diversity to a precious metals portfolio and are often sought after by collectors.

  1. Exclusive Products and Limited Releases

SD Bullion frequently offers exclusive products and limited releases. These items can include special-edition coins, unique designs, or collaborations with notable mints. These offerings can be particularly appealing to collectors and investors looking for something distinctive.

  1. Storage and Security Options

To ensure the safety and security of your precious metal investments, SD Bullion offers various storage solutions, including:

  • Secure Vault Storage: Customers can opt to store their metals in secure, insured vaults.
  • Home Storage IRA: SD Bullion facilitates Home Storage IRAs, allowing you to store your IRA-eligible precious metals at home while adhering to IRS regulations.

To learn more about precious metal IRAs, read our article: Can I Transfer My IRA to Physical Gold?

SD Bullion’s extensive range of precious metal products caters to the diverse needs and preferences of investors and collectors alike. Whether you’re looking for traditional bullion coins, bars, or rounds, or you’re interested in exploring numismatic coins and exclusive releases, SD Bullion has something for everyone. Additionally, their commitment to pricing transparency and excellent customer service enhances the overall experience of dealing with a reputable precious metals dealer.

Pricing Transparency

One of the standout features of SD Bullion is its commitment to pricing transparency. They publish their buy and sell prices for a wide range of precious metals on their website, allowing customers to see exactly what they’ll pay or receive for their metals. This transparency is a significant advantage for customers looking to buy or sell precious metals without hidden fees or surprises.

Security and Storage Options

While many investors like to take physical possession of their precious metals, SD Bullion has customer that prefer added security so they offer various secure storage options for customers who wish to keep their precious metals in a safe place. They partner with reputable storage facilities and provide customers with peace of mind knowing their investments are protected.

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So, is SD Bullion a reputable company? Based on our examination of their background, industry accreditation, customer reviews, pricing transparency, and commitment to security and storage options, SD Bullion appears to be a reputable and trustworthy precious metals dealer.

However, like any investment, it’s essential to do your due diligence and consider your specific needs and preferences. Reading customer reviews, researching prices, and comparing services are crucial steps in making an informed decision when choosing a precious metals dealer.

Ultimately, SD Bullion’s longstanding presence in the industry, positive BBB rating, and transparent pricing make them a viable option for individuals looking to buy or sell precious metals. Nevertheless, always conduct your research and carefully consider your investment goals before making any financial decisions.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial or investment advice. Please consult with a financial advisor or conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions.